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Decon-X Automated Disinfecting Solution

Decon-X Automated Disinfecting Solution

Decon-X is an automated disinfection system that safely and effectively removes all bacteria, viruses and spores from surfaces and equipment. By using the most advanced robots for disinfecting and combating infection, Decon-X has been proven to significantly reduce the number and spread of infectious diseases protecting both patients and healthcare workers.

We offer two DECON-X options:

Decon-X DX1 Fixed

Decon-X DX1 is a mobile unit for automatic disinfection of rooms and equipment at hospitals and medical facilities.

DECON-X DXIF – Flexible
DECON-X DX1F Flexible

Decon-X DX1F Flexible is a mobile unit designed for disinfection of vehicles and other small spaces.

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