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Hurn Proving Ground

Automotive Test & Evaluation

Our Specialist Vehicle Assessment team automotive test capability brings together the world class facilities of the Hurn Proving Ground with a team of automotive and trials Subject Matter Experts. The team has a long and proven track record of delivering a flexible and cost-effective approach to planning and conducting vehicle trials, adding value to customer programmes through the leverage of their extensive domain expertise and tailoring trials to specific requirements.

Unmanned and Autonomous Capability

Unmanned vehicles, robots and autonomous systems have become an accepted part of military capability and also offer credible solutions for a range of civil applications. The Hurn Proving Ground provides a safe area for autonomous trials of systems and vehicles over representative terrains and obstacles that might be encountered in service.

We reduce risk to programmes throughout our trials design, conduct and analysis services. We offer:

  • Trials design, planning and support
  • Automotive performance trials
  • Ride and handling assessments
  • Defence standard and Performance Based Mobility Specification (PBMS) requirements and evaluation
  • Shock and vibration measurement trials and analysis
  • Reliability, durability and shakedown trials
  • Design, test and certify safe and secure equipment transportation methods
  • Legislative compliance assessments
  • Environmental trials, climatic and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Full instrumentation support and data analysis

World-class Proving Ground

Our Hurn Proving Ground is the UK’s only purpose built Military Vehicle test track that allows vehicles to be tested over the full challenging spectrum of terrains that may be encountered in service. Platform performance can be fully demonstrated over the varied terrain and obstacles and limitations explored in order to inform the customer development process and underpin procurement and deployment decisions.

The facility has been used to evaluate the majority of the UK forces’ in service vehicle platforms, over the past 60 years. The birthplace of the Battlefield Mission, the extensive range of metalled roads, world class off road test circuits, suspension courses, gradients, digging areas (sand and clay), and other specialist test facilities (including the UK’s largest working tilt platform), enable us to carry out your reliability and performance tests representative of user defined, full spectrum battlefield mission. We are able to explore performance across the full range of terrain types from benign tarmac, to the most severe cross country and repeatable reference tracks. If necessary, on site earth moving equipment can be used to construct new and demanding obstacles to test and evaluate vehicles against new requirements or the most stretched objectives.

Independent advice/assessment

Our investment in you doesn’t just stop with a pass or fail, our SVA team, together with its world-class T&E services and support can provide you with focused, impartial and honest advice. Our dedication to providing the right answer to your requirements, instead of the easy answer will give you the confidence in QinetiQ as the right choice and encourage long lasting and valued partnerships between us to develop.

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