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As a global company of over 6,000 dedicated people providing technological and scientific expertise, we are excited to recruit the most talented and enthusiastic young people to become a key part of our business. Our Early Careers programmes give you the opportunity to work at the heart of our company, playing a critical role in delivering impactful projects.

If you're about to start your career, there are a number of opportunities for you to discover with us at QinetiQ. Join us in engineering, project management or a range of functional roles and make valuable contributions to our people, business and the communities we serve.

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Will Cavanagh joined QinetiQ as a Graduate in the UK in 2020. During his time on the programme, he completed two placements and achieved recognition from customers and colleagues for his excellent work. He was the first graduate to take a placement with the Missile Defence Centre and worked closely on Formidable Shield 21. Watch the video below to find out more about his role on this exciting programme.
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