Investor Overview

Our purpose

QinetiQ is dedicated to protecting lives and securing the vital interests of our customers.

Who we are

We are a leading science and engineering company operating in the defence and security markets. We are an information, knowledge and technology-based company with the breadth and depth of over 8,000 highly dedicated employees.

What we do

We apply our unique technical expertise across the product lifecycle, helping our customers to create, test and use defence and security capabilities.

Where we operate

Revenue by customer location (UK £1,266m, US £402m, Australia £131m, Rest of world £114m)
Revenue by division (EMEA Services £1,417m, Global Products £495m)
Australia (833 employees, 9 sites)
UK (6,174 employees, 32 sites)
US (1,389 employees, 14 sites)
Rest of the world (186 employees, 5 sites)

Segmental reporting

QinetiQ reports via EMEA Services and Global Solutions segments

We operationally manage the business through four operating sectors, each with their own Chief Executive and Leadership Team.
This outlines how the sectors correlate with our external reporting framework and the financial results for each segment.

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Financial highlights

Financial Highlights

Operational highlights

Operational Highlights