Directed Energy technology is at the forefront of enabling future operational advantage against sophisticated and agile threats by delivering effects with precision.

Affordability, including reduction of the cost of ownership, and time to market of weapon systems are significant market drivers, as is the focus on Directed Energy technologies, which offer significant economic and socio-political advantages.

QinetiQ has deep expertise in a range of novel and disruptive weapon technologies, which we are continuing to develop and de-risk through our internal investment and with customer funding.

Combining our Defence and Critical National Infrastructure market awareness with our concepts/technologies and first-rate evaluation facilities, we offer market-leading solutions across the lifecycle, from early stage research, development and acceptance of equipment through to in-service support.

Our customers engage with us to use our first-class research and development capabilities and expertise to deliver complex future weapon technology development. An example of this is our world-leading Laser Weapons Systems technology for the UK MOD, through our contribution to the UK Dragonfire Consortium.

As well as creating bespoke development solutions, we help our customers and industrial partners to realise and deliver coherent research programmes through our leadership of the Weapons Sector Research Framework (WSRF).