As the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR) starts to reshape the world as we know it, emerging technologies are increasingly touching all aspects of life. From the way we work, to the way we shop, these technologies are changing our daily lives dramatically – but they are also having a profound impact on the defence sector, allowing organisations and militaries alike to become more effective, resilient, cost-efficient and sustainable. At the same time, these technologies also represent the ongoing and rapidly accelerating competition for advantage and a winning edge within defence, forcing us to be agile in adopting new approaches, concepts and systems.

Although these new technologies offer significant opportunity to gain advantage, it also provides adversaries with the same opportunities, creating threats that often fall into the ‘grey zone’ of traditional warfare. To embrace these opportunities and at the same time counter these threats, QinetiQ is utilising its technology and engineering expertise, along-side our deep understanding of international defence and our mission-led innovation approach.
Immersive Technology
Immersive technology is an emerging technology that integrates virtual content with the physical environment in a way that allows the user to engage naturally with the blended reality. 
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