Cyber Security Exercising

To overcome future cyber threats, organisations must place increased focus on the information and human dimensions of the cyber domain.

Cyber security exercising

Future generations of board level executives, operational managers and technical engineers must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence in cyber capabilities to maximise the opportunities that cyberspace creates and ensure resilience against the potential threats.

Cyber Security needs to form part of ‘business as usual’ activities, requiring education, training, mission planning & preparation and consideration throughout a product or capability lifecycle.

Only then will an organisation be able to increase the awareness, skills and knowledge of operations within cyberspace and better understand how to plan and respond to threats, and to synchronise effects in both the physical space and cyber domains.

Our heritage is built from working for and alongside UK MOD, Government and Industry to: drive innovation, de-risk technologies, test and evaluate capabilities, and to prepare individuals and teams for operational deployment. Today we are combining our deep customer environment understanding, with our expertise in networks, security and Cyber domains to deliver cyber digital resilience exercises.

We provide a principled approach to the planning, preparation and execution of exercises based on best practice methodology. During each stage of the exercise we apply lessons from over 10 years’ experience delivering MOD and Critical National Infrastructure Resilience Exercises.

The service follows four key principles to personalise the service and deliver exceptional security value. They are:


Our team of training, exercising and cyber subject matter experts will work with an organisation to capture and analyse the business need for the exercise, the required digital architecture and the detailed scenario to be played out.

Design & Develop

We will work with you to design and develop the exercise scenario, identifying relevant “injects” that will stimulate the enterprise in response to a cyber-attack. In addition the exercise environment will be developed and configured against the scenario, creating a safe and secure environment to act out business processes with a real, emulated or simulated mix of operational technologies.

Our Cyber Range supports our exercises by providing a safe, secure, legal environment to enable teams to gain hands-on cyber skills. Our rapidly configurable and scalable environment allows us to represent the digital footprint of an organisation using a blend of real, emulated and simulated technologies.


We will lead the coordination, facilitation and execution of the exercise through stimulation of the participants to undertake their operational processes within the context of a Cyber Resilience scenario. We will work with the organisation at all stages during an exercise to ensure that the scenario is played out as expected and that the needs of the exercise are met.


Following an exercise, we will collate participant and observer feedback, post-exercise feedback and performance metrics to undertake a final evaluation of whether the exercise has met the intended needs, aims and objectives.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Response Planning  Exercise results enable better planned responses to threats, and increase the ability to synchronise effects across all aspects of the enterprise
  • Increased Resilience and Readiness  Looking at cyber security from a holistic business perspective enabling development of a single enterprise approach to digital resilience
  • Organisational Level Testing  End-to-end test and assurance to ensure deployed capabilities are both effective and resilient to Cyber threats across the enterprise
  • Better Decision Planning  A greater understanding of the key decision points and thresholds within an organisation to respond to a cyber-incident
  • Situational Awareness  Increased awareness, knowledge and skills of the cyber threats and how all business functions need to work together to respond to a cyber-incident
  • Intelligence-led  QinetiQ’s extensive exposure to a variety of targeted industries provides us with an excellent insight across the cyber threat landscape. Leveraging this breadth and depth of knowledge enables QinetiQ to build real-world scenarios.

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