Ocean Basin & Rotating Arm

One of the largest hydrodynamic facilities in the world with uniquely qualified specialist support using CFD and basin services to optimise your vessel design.

Ocean Basin and Rotating Arm

At our marine technology facility, Haslar, near Portsmouth in the UK, the ocean basin and rotating arm offers our global customer a free-manoeuvring hydrodynamic model test service for surface and subsurface vessels in design, or post modification optimisation test and evaluation trials.


  • A significant data library associated with a long history
  • As the home of hydrodynamics, our Haslar heritage enables us to offer unique advice on experiment design
  • Our Ocean Basin is one of the largest hydrodynamic facilities in the world and can offer the customer a significant range of services in one facility
  • Our established pedigree and references, coupled with our experience of dealing with customer security and UK export licencing, support provision of these services to international customers

Unique selling points

The facility, equipped with a state-of-the art motion capture system installed by Qualisys™, is used primarily for constrained and free-manoeuvring surface ship and submarine model tests in calm water or waves.

Free manoeuvring surface models are fitted with infra-red emitting markers (typically four) and tracked using 16 cameras distributed around the basin. The specification of the Qualisys™ system is: spatial resolution: 0.3 mm; relative accuracy: ± 3 mm; measuring frequency: 1-100 Hz in real time; simultaneous tracking: up to five models.

Technical features

  • 40,000 tonnes of clear water
  • Free-manoeuvring models are controlled remotely using the latest above and underwater wireless technology
  • Wavemaker comprises 122 independently actuated paddles, which can generate regular, irregular, long/short crested, transient, and breaking waves, which can also be user defined