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Wellness in the Workplace – Investing in Employee Health


There are many ways a company can invest in its employees – from a robust 401(k) program to tuition assistance, benefits that go above and beyond are increasingly important to a thriving workforce.

Working person on a video call with other colleagues

At QinetiQ US, we not only offer competitive benefits packages that care for our employees and their families, but we also offer regular wellness programs and incentives. Studies have shown that employees who are healthier take fewer sick days and have greater overall productiveness in the workplace1.

“The goal of our wellness programs is to help to build comradery across the company, along with a culture of wellness that includes health, inclusiveness, diversity awareness, and belonging,” said Chelsea Stearns, QinetiQ US Associate Director of Employee Experience. “We’ve found that our wellness programs foster employee engagement through lunch-and-learn sessions, screen-free lunches, diversity education, and multiple Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).”

A study by the American Psychological Association found that workplace wellness programs with senior leadership support directly resulted in increased employee job satisfaction – among employees who participated in these programs, 89% would recommend their company as a great place to work and 91% found themselves motivated to do their best on the job as a result2.

Recent QinetiQ US wellness initiatives include recorded panel discussions for World Health Day, Men’s Health Week, Celebrate Diversity month, and an educational session celebrating Juneteenth. We value our employees and believe that offering a workplace wellness program that highlights specific areas of interest is a great way to bring our teams together and promote wellbeing.

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