QinetiQ to deliver unique Banshee Jet 80+ target system to US Army

QinetiQ Target Systems provides new low-cost aerial target to US Army Threat Systems Management Office

Banshee Jet 80+ Target in US Army livery red and yellow in flight

QinetiQ is to provide the US Army’s Threat Systems Management Office (TSMO) with a uniquely developed version of its Banshee Jet 80+. Known as the MQM-185B, the target will help the US Army train for real-world scenarios by flying the hyper realistic threat targets.

The MQM-185B aerial target combines QinetiQ’s innovative technology with the advanced options required by the TSMO to deliver a capability uniquely optimised for the US Army. As a result, the Banshee will be compatible with the TSMO’s proprietary Army Ground Aerial Target Control System (AGATCS).

Flown in over 40 countries and used during exercises launched from the HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier, the Banshee Jet 80+ provides the opportunity to run accurate drills by emulating cruise missiles and enemy fast jets which may be faced on mission. The MQM-185B has a maximum altitude of 30,000ft and can also perform low level sea skimming and terrain following, delivering a realistic adversary to train against. The use of the drone targets will be key to the US Army and their allies in improving their defence capabilities as the Banshee is able to emulate a wide variety of in-theatre threats.

Ryan Peterson, Customer Account Manager, QinetiQ Target Systems, said: “Using highly accurate targets such as the Banshee is becoming a necessity for our defence customers. As the threat environment increases in complexity, organisations such as TSMO are seeking technology capable of delivering complex training and evaluation exercises.”

“The MQM-185B, combined with QinetiQ’s engineering and operational flexibility, enables us to deliver a customised platform that satisfies TSMO requirements and makes its operations more agile and cost effective. We’re delighted to be supporting the US Army as it strengthens its training and Test and Evaluation capabilities.”

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