Team PALADIN partners with Aptima, Inc.


As a Team PALADIN Design Partner, Aptima will contribute critical domain knowledge and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) innovation to Team PALADIN throughout the ACTS competition.

Aptima’s multi-disciplinary approach to human-centred engineering within mission-critical settings, innovation pedigree, and experience in driving successful collaborations are closely aligned and complementary to Team PALADIN’s capabilities, ethos and culture.

Aptima uses technology and science to create solutions that improve the way people work together, to make individuals, teams and organisations more effective.

This can include injecting training science into live and synthetic collective training, developing tools to enhance collaboration, or creating systems to improve decision making.

Dr Christina Balis, Team PALADIN Capture Director, said ‘This is a truly exciting collaboration built on shared goals and values. Aptima’s expertise aligns entirely with Team PALADIN’s approach to Army collective training by balancing near-term practicality with a longer-term vision for modernisation’.

Dr Shawn Weil, Chief Growth Officer and Principal Cognitive Scientist at Aptima, noted ‘We are thrilled to be a Team PALADIN Design Partner, working to ensure that new concepts in live and synthetic collective Army training are based on a solid training-science foundation’.

Together we are committed to delivering the benefits of ACTS by working across industry in a whole force approach to shape and deliver collective training for the future.

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