TITAN technology at the Army Warfighting Experiment 2018


Bill Biggs, Senior Campaign Manager

We are currently taking part in the UK Army’s Autonomous Warrior, also known as the Army Warfighting Experiment 18 (AWE18). The four week experiment is the culmination of many months worth of effort and has been running on Salisbury Plain since 12 November.

TITAN UGV in Sentry mode as part of Army Warfighting Experiment 18 (AWE18)

The experiment offers a fantastic opportunity for industry, including ourselves, to showcase new autonomous technology. The aim is to show how autonomous technology can reduce danger to troops in combat (but ensure humans retain control) and increase operational advantage.

We have teams developing three exciting autonomy propositions among the 50 being demonstrated in the four weeks of combat trials, experimentation and simulation:

  1. Under Last Mile, we have a collaboration involving the MILREM TITAN vehicle, the Malloy Hoverbike and others (this is part funded by MOD and Department for International Development);
  2. TITAN Sentry and TITAN Strike; as described by this Daily Mail article;
  3. An integrated aerial package that delivers manned unmanned teaming using QinetiQ operated small unmanned air systems.

On the other side of the firewall a QinetiQ team have been working tirelessly through the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA), to provide the project management, experimental design, engagement support and visitor management for the entire AWE18 event, similar to our role in the Unmanned Warrior Experiment in 2016.