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Security Transformation & Fix Support

As organisations continue to invest in digital systems and conduct digital transformation programmes, they run the risk of failing to adequately address cyber security to ensure digital resilience, often leading to systems that are fundamentally vulnerable. This means that organisations are exposed to increased levels of threat from cyber-attacks, through their continued adoption of digital tools and technologies.

Cyber challenge

Our team of seasoned industry experts bring together best practices from across industry and defence along with cutting-edge technology to deliver leading assurance services to our customers.

Our Security Transformation and Fix Support Service engages with customers across a broad range of digital transformation programmes. We advise on the best approaches to security architecture, as well as providing hands-on expertise to help customers configure and extract value for money from security products and technologies.

This service provides guidance on security approaches and design principles. It is relevant to both those planning or entering transformation programmes and those who are within or completing programmes as a retrospective activity.

The key objective of the service is to understand the customer’s cyber risk profile, how it relates to the business and organisation and to ensure that digital systems are appropriately designed and delivered to mitigate the risks.

The service follows two key principles to personalise the service and deliver exceptional security value. They are:

Security Architecture

Designing systems with cyber security as a key cornerstone and fundamental principle is a significant step towards achieving a high level of digital resilience. Our experts have years of experience in helping organisations build and deploy digital systems using well developed security architectures and approaches.

We work closely with transformation and technical teams to ensure at all stages digital resilience is considered and that appropriate security controls are effectively deployed. Our approach takes into account current thinking of industry leaders, such as the NCSC, follows industry standards such as NIST and SANS and is capable of integration with wider solution and enterprise architecture standards, such as TOGAF.

Security Engineering

We recognise that organisations may have already invested in security technologies as part of their digital transformation, and that getting the most from this investment is important. Our team of highly trained and experienced security engineers can work with a wide range of security technologies to ensure that they are appropriately deployed and configured to address threats to the organisation.

We can support the initial deployment of these technologies, as well as retrospectively reviewing existing deployments, to help align configuration and policy to address relevant threats.

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