Battery technology is advancing rapidly, and new challenges constantly arise.

Through our technology and expertise, we are leading the power revolution to ensure our customers can achieve commercial advantage. With more than 25 years’ experience of delivering through-life battery technology services and solutions, we are a valued and trusted independent advisor.

We offer leading expert advice and services, such as Test and Evaluation, and innovative technology-based products. Operating in a highly secure workplace, our position in the forefront of the power revolution is enhanced by our many commercial, defence and academic networks, including collaboration with organisations such as Johnson Matthey, Fraunhofer Institute, DLR (Germany), Centrosolar, and SINTEF.

We offer a wide range of battery technologies including:

  • CFx Battery - A technology where the light weight and highly reactive lithium metal is combined with a light weight carbon monofluoride (CFx) cathode in order to power various portable appliances e.g. radios, navigation equipment required in prolonged missions.
  • Flexible Battery - A thin, flexible lithium ion cell. The cell is approximately 0.5mm thick and can be made in a variety of sizes. It can additionally be embedded into objects, e.g. composite panels and it offers full Li-ion performance, albeit at reduced specific energy owing to its form factor.
  • High G Battery Pack - A battery pack to survive high G impacts such as in projectiles and space exploration.
  • High Temperature Battery - A rechargeable battery for downhole use in oil/gas fields where operation at elevated temperature is required. Operates at 125°C and can withstand in excess of 150°C, where a typical secondary system is limited to 60°C.