Stand-off Threat Detection

SPO-NX is a passive stand-off system capable of screening large groups of people to detect potential concealed threats.

It does not generate an image of individuals’ bodies, but will display a potential threat level on detection of an object concealed under clothing, such as large weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and contraband.


The system is based on technology that has no Radio Frequency (RF) emission and is therefore harmless to individuals being scanned. SPO-NX can scan a crowd of people, without disrupting their movements, thus minimising inconvenience. When it detects a potential threat, an alarm is activated at the operator’s workstation, as well as a visual depiction of the potential threat.

The use of SPO-NX does not disrupt pedestrian traffic and reduces the burden of screening, queuing and inconvenience to the general public.


  • Detects concealed threat objects under a person’s clothing
  • Can be used in an uncontrolled environment, negating the need for people to have to queue to pass through scanner systems, thus reducing delays and inconvenience
  • A visual display unit (VDU) provides a visual representation of a potential threat and gives an audible alert to the operator, enabling swift threat assessment and tasking of other assets to mitigate the threat
  • Does not impact on peoples’ ability to move through a crowded environment, but is still able to indicate untoward or threatening behaviour
  • Deployable in both internal and external environments to provide perimeter protection; when placed at the exterior of a perimeter, can provide early threat detection
  • Because it does not generate an image of the human body, there are no issues regarding invasion of personal privacy of those being scanned (holds a US Privacy Impact Assessment Certificate)
  • Readily portable; it can be deployed by a single person and be operational in less than ten minutes. This provides an extremely flexible capability that can be tailored to the operator’s requirements
  • A stand-alone capability that does not require any fixed infrastructure

Unique selling points

SPO-NX can scan a large group of people and will give both a visual indication and an audible alarm when a potential threat is detected. The operator can then cue other assets to respond to this threat. Because there is no requirement for individuals to interact with the system when being scanned, the use of SPO-NX does not disrupt pedestrian movement through the area of interest and has no impact on the individuals being screened.

Essentially, it enables pedestrian movement to continue without inconvenience, but enables screening to be conducted in areas that would previously have been impracticable.