QinetiQ’s Pledge to Support our Armed Forces Community

Being a leading defence supplier and an employer of both Reservists and ex-members of the Armed Forces, QinetiQ is hugely passionate about the work that we do with the Armed Forces, and the support that we offer to their community. We strongly believe that no Service Leaver should face disadvantage in finding a new career, nor feel at any disadvantage in the workplace.

Armed Forces silhouette picture
That’s why QinetiQ pledged its continued support to Service Personnel when it signed the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, which ensures fairness and equal opportunity for Service and ex-Service personnel, Reservists and their families.  Originally signed by QinetiQ in August 2013, the Covenant sets out a series of principles and commitments that build on the close relationship that QinetiQ already has with the Armed Forces, through our Reservist-friendly business policies, our support to the military, and our charity work.   The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme recognises UK employers that demonstrate a commitment to defence by proactively supporting the armed forces community and inspiring others to do the same. The Scheme awarded QinetiQ with Gold Award status in 2016 and again in 2021, as recognition that QinetiQ uphold recruitment policies that are positive to people who are in and leaving the Armed Forces, create opportunities for Service Personnel such as Cadet Instructors, Veterans (including wounded, injured and sick), and military spouses and partners. Companies must also enable Reservists to fulfil their annual training and mobilisation commitments, support their reintegration once back at work and act as advocates to the wider industry. While the scheme is based in the UK, QinetiQ’s work in supporting Service Personnel is present across our global business and is something that we will always treat with the utmost importance.  

Some of our support includes

  • Our QinetiQ Veterans and Reserves Network (QVRN), which helps to Connect, Support and Value those who serve or have served in their nations’ Armed Forces, creating a sense of community and helping them to utilise their unique knowledge, skills and experience
  • Supporting service leavers in their career transitions through virtual fairs, training workshops, recruitment platforms and pathway programmes, such as our ‘Pathway into Project Management’ Programme, which has helped service leavers bridge the gaps in their skills and knowledge in order to successfully transition into project management roles within a corporate setting.
  • Our partnership with chosen Armed Forces charity, SSAFA, to extend further the work and support that can be delivered to those in and around the Armed Forces.
  • Throughout the pandemic, we have retained our connections with Service Personnel and delivered virtual support. We also have offered 1-2-1 virtual support for Service Leavers who have needed assistance with CV’s and Interviews.

"It is vital to recognise the role of our military personnel, whether they are still in service or are ex-forces. They make a valuable contribution, not only to our society but directly to our company, by helping us to understand a key customer. I have signed the Covenant because I strongly believe it is important for companies to support and encourage those who wish to go above and beyond in the name of public service. QinetiQ does and always will support service personnel and their families in as many ways as we can.     ~  Steve Wadey, QinetiQ's CEO

As QinetiQ expands its global footprint, we pledge our continued support to the Service people who work for us around the world, and aim to be role models for others to others to provide the vital support in the workplace that our Armed Forces personnel deserve.