Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We know our greatest asset is our people, and we create a climate and culture that will encourage them to deliver outstanding performance for our customers, for us and for themselves.

To attract and engage the best people we need to provide them with all the support they need to realise their full potential and employability, including:

  • A safe and healthy working environment
  • Significant long-term investment in learning and development for our people through our in-house Academy offering high quality career development training from Early Careers (apprentice and graduate) through all stages of professional development including further and higher education
  • Employee engagement surveys, to ensure we listen to their suggestions for improvements
  • A culture of inclusion
  • Supporting our Armed Forces Community

Safety through leadership, responsible management, and commitment

QinetiQ recognises that our operations, products, services and advice have the potential to impact our employees, contractors, visitors, customers, and others in the community. We recognise that success hinges on the attitudes and behaviours of people in the organisation and we seek to create a safety culture in which employees naturally and instinctively pay proper heed to safety matters because it is expected of them, is what they are trained to do and is what the situation demands. Where appropriate we are committed to obtaining and maintaining external certification of our occupational safety management systems such as through our ISO 45001 certification in the UK. We manage corporately and at business level the effective identification, measurement, and control of risk to help prevent injury and cases of work-related ill health and ensure these principles are at the centre of our management of safety issues. We monitor, evaluate and continuously improve our performance in safety and occupational health through setting objectives which are effectively assessed by a robust assurance process. We provide and maintain a safe working environment for employees and the wider community in which they interact. Internal programmes such as ’Safe for Life’ are designed to engage our employees in maintaining a safe place to work.

QinetiQ Pension Scheme

The Trustee has entered into a bulk annuity contract with Legal & General for certain pensioner members of the QinetiQ Pension Scheme. This operates in the background and benefits are still the responsibility of the Trustee and are paid by the pension scheme in the usual way. If you wish to view Legal & General’s privacy notice (which explains how Legal & General will use personal data, as an independent data controller), please click here.

Responsibility to our people