Accelerated Solution Decision Support

As the threat landscape continues to evolve at a staggering pace, organisations are taking more steps to protect their data and information assets. It’s estimated that 50% of network traffic is now encrypted, and threat actors are using increasingly evasive and sophisticated methods to compromise systems leading to an increased gap between attacker actions and security visibility.

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Our Accelerated Solution Decision Support (ASDS) Service aims to deliver interventions rapidly to enable cyber security capability to evolve at pace commensurate with the changing threats and opportunities. Pace is achieved through a combination of management and resource. A consortium approach, using rapid start-up and agile operational methodologies, exploits existing infrastructure, corporate services, and partner networks.

Our ASDS service engages with customers across a broad range of technologies who are facing cyber security challenges from evolving threats. We advise and deliver solutions at pace to address issues, risks and problems across enterprises.

The service follows four key principles to personalise the service and deliver exceptional security value. They are:

Assement of the Problem

The service provides a central function by which critical security issues and problems can be assessed and triaged. An initial prioritisation of the issue and assignment of the problem across the solution community takes place, ensuring that best of breed experts from across industry are brought to bear to achieve resolution. Capable of addressing all kinds of cyber security issues and threats from technology-specific to enterprise-wide. Our approach takes into account the current thinking of industry leaders, such as the NCSC, and aligns where possible. In addition expert insights into the cyber security domain, with views and reports on developing trends help to appropriately assess security issues at an early stage.

Co-Ordination of Solution Effort

The service provides organisations with rapid access expert knowledge of the cyber security domain from industry experts, academia and government agencies. The service draws on our heritiage as a research and development organisation, bringing together industry leaders and subject matter experts, through a consortia approach to address developing security issues.

Rapid Prototyping

The service is delivered using agile methodologies and can respond rapidly to critical problems affecting organisations. Issues are quickily evaluated, solution approaches developed and working prototypes delivered, to ensure that organisations can respond rapidily to developing digital problems.

This approach allows candidate solutions to fail fast, meaning that effort can be directed effectively towards speedy resolution of the problem.

Acclerated Delivery & Integration

The service is delivered in a way that focuses on the delivery of solutions and the integration of these into existing systems as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Using DevOps methodologies, the service is able to work closely with customer operational teams to rapidly deploy solutions into live production systems that address inflight issues and resolve security problems.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Problem Resolution – Enables organisations to address high priority cyber security problems at pace in a controlled and confidential manner
  • Access to Experts – Best of breed industry experts and solutions, via a partner network of over 100+ SMEs and larger integrators, brought together as a consortium
  • Threat Mitigation – Address real world problems and find solutions fast to rectify developing cyber security threats and issues
  • Decision Support – Aid organisational decision processes by providing solution insights, giving information and guidance such that an organisation can choose both short and long term direction
  • Intelligence-led – QinetiQ’s extensive exposure to a variety of targeted industries provides us with an excellent insight across the cyber threat landscape. Leveraging this breadth and depth of knowledge enables QinetiQ to develop and deliver solutions that address real world problems

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