Radio Trials Centre

The Radio Trials Centre (RADEX) offers a wide range of measurement capabilities supported by onsite expertise in radio systems to meet test requirement’s, de-risk projects, and offer cost saving benefits.

RADEX facility

Our capabilities include ground and airborne testing of aircraft communications, radio navigation, radar, electronic warfare and other Radio Frequency based systems. We offer a full suite of communications systems that delivers the flexibility to support your requirements and equipment.

The Facility provides measurement services with on-site radio systems support, our service allows ground and airborne testing of aircraft communication, radio navigation, radar, electronic warfare and other Radio Frequency (RF) based systems.

The mobile service enables tests to be carried out from anywhere accessible to a Land Rover/caravan combination within the UK. Our Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) service (not mobile) covers all current military modes including Mode 4 and Mode 5 L1 & L2.

Features include:

  • Automated and calibrated measurements suite covering 2MHz to 18GHz
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)/ADS-B interrogation and measurement system covering all current military modes (including Mode 5 L1&L2 Lethal interrogations)
  • 200 nautical miles of calibrated airspace for trials aircraft
  • Mobile self-contained measurement facility for remote site - Polar Plots & provision of V/UHF Trials Comms Licenced by Ofcom
  • Off-air management system - RADAS (RADEX Automated Data Acquisition System) – for range and Polar Plots of HF, VHF, TAC VHF, UHF and IFF
  • Network analysis of Comms installations, up to 40 GHz
  • VSWR/power checks of installed RF systems
  • Frequency agile radio systems, including HAVE QUICK and SATURN, with coordinated Universal Time (UTC) synchronisation
  • Playback of voice communication recordings during flight trials
  • Ability to load platforms with Mode 4/5 key for trials purposes