The area of Shoeburyness and Foulness Island which is today known as MOD Shoeburyness was first used by the military in 1848 when the British School of Gunnery was opened. The location was chosen for this purpose for many reasons including its proximity to London and its direct access to major shipping routes. The area's geographical features make it the ideal location for the MOD's Test and Evaluation requirements with the flat tidal sands providing the large secure safety area needed for long range firing and the recovery of shells. These natural features, coupled with today’s infrastructure and expertise, mean that the site continues to provide an unrivalled and unique UK facility for critical military test, evaluation and training activities.

The MOD is the landowner of the entire estate and there are Public Right of Way (PROW) routes that run over some MOD-owned paths and tracks. Information about using the PROW routes can be found here.   

Site Facts and Figures

As an MOD Range, there has been a need for humans, flora, fauna and weapons testing to co-exist on the Shoeburyness site for over 170 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about MOD Shoeburyness and its activities.

Our Work at MOD Shoeburyness

QinetiQ operates the Range at Shoeburyness on behalf of the MOD under a contract called the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA). The service that QinetiQ delivers under the LTPA is known as T3E (Test, Trials, Training & Evaluation).

Images of Foulness Island

Foulness Island is a place of hidden beauty. The marshy landscape and mudflats provide an ideal habitat for breeding birds, flora and fauna all of which thrive within the protection of the site boundary.

MOD Shoeburyness Timeline & History

A collection of images, tracing our history from 1849.

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