Range Signs and Signals

MOD Shoeburyness is a live weapons test and evaluation Range and as such, can be a hazardous place. The nature of the work carried out on the site means that public access has to be strictly controlled. Some areas adjacent to the site's perimeter fence are open to the general public. In these areas, the Range uses a variety of signs, notices and signals to indicate prohibited areas, Range operational status and any restrictions in force in public areas (e.g. closure of Shoeburyness East Beach).

Here you can see examples of what these signs and signals look like and what they mean. Please remember that these measures are in place for public safety reasons and instructions should be followed at all times.

Red flag

Red Flags - there are 21 red flags located around the perimeter of the MOD Shoeburyness site. They mark the area which is subject to the Range byelaws. Some are visible from adjacent land areas and others from the Thames Estuary and River Crouch. Red flags flying indicates that the Range is ACTIVE and that all Public Right of Way routes are closed. When the Range is active, unsponsored members of the public are not permitted to enter MOD Shoeburyness. Red flags are always flown at full mast.

Danger/No Entry Signs

Danger/No Entry Signs - these signs come in a variety of sizes and styles and are designed to warn members of the public that they are in the vicinity of the Range. If you come across one of these signs you must read it and comply with all instructions.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds - there are two Yellow Diamond signals visible from public areas of Shoeburyness East Beach. They are mounted on the yard arm of Red Flag poles. When the Yellow Diamonds are raised the public may occupy the whole of Shoeburyness East Beach including the foreshore directly in front of the beach and out to the yellow buoy line (the public licensed area). When the Yellow Diamonds are lowered (with or without the Red Flag flying), the beach and foreshore is closed to members of the public. Access to the car park and green area will still normally be permitted.

Range Byelaw Signs

Range Byelaw Signs - these signs are located at points where the public may gain legitimate access to MOD Shoeburyness when the Range is not active, (i.e. where a Public Right of Way crosses the Range boundary). They explain the regulations under which the MOD and its representatives are authorised to close the area in the interest of public safety. If you intend to visit MOD Shoeburyness during non-operational hours you are advised to familiarise yourself with the byelaws.

Fixed Barrier

Fixed Barrier - you will see this type of barrier at the main entrances to the Range (at Blackgate Road in Shoeburyness and Landwick Gate in Gt Wakering). Members of the public are not permitted to pass these barriers unless they have a legitimate reason for entering the Range. If you visit the Range during non-operational hours, you may come across this type of barrier elsewhere on the site. You should not pass a closed barrier in any circumstances.

Mobile Barrier

Mobile Barrier - if you visit MOD Shoeburyness during non-operational hours you may see this type of barrier at various locations across the site. You should not move or pass a mobile barrier if it is blocking a path or road in any circumstances.