Information for Pilots

Due to the hazardous nature of work carried out at MOD Shoeburyness, an Air Danger Area is established by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) around Shoeburyness and Foulness, when any of the Ranges D136, D138, D138A, D138B, D138C and D138D are active.

Southend Airport Air Traffic Control provides a Danger Area Activity Information Service (DAAIS) to warn pilots of aircraft flying outside controlled airspace, when the Ranges are active. Pilots flying in the Southend area should contact Southend Radar by radio (frequency 130.780MHz) in advance to ensure that they avoid the Ranges when they are active.

Pilots of all aircraft types, including microlights and paragliders, must familiarise themselves with the restrictions. Further details of the restricted air space can be found on the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) website.

The flying of drones over any part of the MOD Shoeburyness estate (land and sea area) is prohibited.