The WSTC is based on a joint management approach with members of the team representing key stakeholder organisations from MOD and Industry.

The R&T Board provide strategic direction to the WSTC based upon evidence from stakeholders, including the WSTC Joint Management Team (JMT).

The focus of the JMT is ensuring adherence to the longer-term strategic objectives of the WSTC and the wider aspects of monitoring and controlling the overall programme of work. This includes reviewing the research plan developed by the planning team and approval of the Order of Buy. This includes an assessment of the inputs (requirement drivers and budgets) and the outputs (programme and technical priorities developed through the planning process). Review the performance of the WSTC using agreed metrics. Undertake conflict resolution for those issues elevated by the Programme Leadership Team (PLT).

The focus of the Programme Leadership Team (PLT) is to ensure that the WSTC delivers against the agreed plan (regarding the Core Order of Buy and Non-core adhoc activities).

The Planning Team take a portfolio approach to research management for the weapons sector focused on exploitation whether in the near, medium or longer term.

The Delivery Team are responsible for tasking and delivery of the core research programme.

The management, planning, tasking and delivery processes are described in the WSTC Operating Manual circulated to all WSTC Partners.