Software Defined Radio Platform

This product was developed in response to a customer requirement for a reconfigurable platform to meet the demanding processing requirements of current and future wideband satellite communication waveforms, such as DVB (DVB-DSNG, DVB-S, DVB-S2), and legacy waveforms such as INTELSAT (IBS, IDR). It is a high-end ‘software defined radio’ platform that provides the capability to demodulate and decode standard and non-standard Satcom transmissions.

  • Can be updated in response to technological advancements; replaceable mezzanine cards – essentially circuit boards – provide an interface between applications
  • Designed for the requirements of large-scale installations – a single web server can be used to control and monitor as many receivers as required
  • Cost effective – for low rate applications, multiple virtual receivers within each physical channel allow reception of multiple downlinks that fall within the same instantaneous receiver bandwidth, significantly increasing the number of received downlinks with no requirement for additional capital investment


The platform has less than one-quarter of the electronic footprint of other Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) demodulating and decoding receivers, so can operate more discreetly than other systems, providing tactical advantage. The platform is small, with a single 19” chassis providing a compact, flexible and upgradable solution to receiving a large volume of downlinks. Low throughput applications can capitalise on the bidirectional nature of each channel, and provide two independent modems on a single platform.

The SP9000 platform is ideal for many Signal Processing R&D applications, such as the development and evaluation of software defined radio applications, advanced wireless comms, cognitive radio applications, EW applications, and high performance real-time DSP algorithms.