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Providing Training Capability

Through the Long-Term Partnering Agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence, we operates several instrumented Ranges suited to a broad spectrum of training activities and complex exercises.

Providing Training Capability

We also operate a state-of-the-art dynamic flight simulator and human centrifuge in Linköping, Sweden, where fast jet pilots from around the world come to train to withstand high G-forces. Over the years, we've designed and operated dedicated training facilities that allow customers to explore technology-agnostic and open architecture solutions to problems.

Our high-fidelity simulations for live mission training enable customers to train personnel in operational planning and analysis before they are deployed. We integrate training systems and equipment supplied by different manufacturers to build realistic live-synthetic environments and representations.

Combining over 40 years of domain knowledge with our technology-agnostic approach to the integration of commercial, governmental and proprietary components allows us to deliver cost-effective training solutions. Examples of training systems integration include Simulation to Simulation, Simulation to C2 and Live to Simulation (Synthetic Wrap).

Our synthetic environments enable forces to practice tactics, techniques and procedures prior to deployment. Our experience in integrating multiple synthetic assets for effective training has been proven across all domains including the Air Battlespace Training Centre at UK RAF Waddington and the UK Royal Navy close range weapon training facility at HMS Collingwood.

Through realistic threat emulation, we enable customers to train weapons operators within a safe environment. We offer cost-effective unmanned air and maritime targets and associated managed services. QinetiQ Target Systems is a world-leading provider of unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets for live-fire training and weapon system test and evaluation. In support of customer requirements, QinetiQ also provides systems-agnostic target solutions and managed services that draw on the best available technology. Our 20-year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for a Combined Aerial Target Service (CATS) includes tri-service delivery, four different aerial target systems, three service delivery teams operating out of three main bases in the UK and deploying worldwide (including High Seas Firings).

We'll often combine our capabilities in target solutions and range management to provide unrivalled realistic training environments for our customers. An example of this includes the provision of advanced anti-submarine warfare training services using the latest target simulation technology from Saab at the QinetiQ-operated MOD British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) at the Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland.

With technology advancing at rapid pace and digital disruption more prevalent than ever, training must also evolve and continuously adapt to remain relevant. We approach training just like any other aspect of a customer’s mission-critical capability, requiring an agile collaborative approach to experimentation and innovation to ensure training remains effective and adaptable. As illustrated by various successful collaborative experiments we have led, a ‘prototype warfare’ mindset is critical to testing early-stage concepts and technologies in real operational scenarios conducted within a safe environment. As new technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are transforming training, early and frequent experimentation with new approaches will be critical to keeping pace with commercial innovation and exploiting it for operational and cost advantage.