The need to transform and continuously adapt training to rapidly changing needs challenges previous stove-piped approaches to developing and deploying training capability, blurs the distinction between individual and collective training, and places greater emphasis on agility and commercial technology exploitation to ensure effective training that is at once relevant, realistic, challenging, cost-efficient and coherent.

Traditional commercial models often lack direct linkage to critical outputs, adaptability in the face of changing requirements, and coherence across the broader Training Enterprise.

Along with our subsidiaries, we've built extensive experience over the years across the range of training competences from analysis and experimentation through to design and delivery, combining cross-disciplinary scientific and engineering expertise with operational know-how, broad-ranging partnerships with industry and academia, and access to diverse ranges and facilities.

The acquisition of NSC in 2020 delivers a rich heritage in training and simulation, founded during the infancy of computer-based wargaming in the 1990s when digital training was introduced to the British Army’s former Staff College.

As a system-agnostic technology and engineering company with deep roots into the military, we offer a unique blend of operational ethos, technical capability and collaborative mind set. We strongly believe that delivering effective training requires a deep understanding of the training objectives, the environments in which those objectives are delivered, and the technologies and methods required to deliver realistic training and a rich learning experience.

Providing assured, cost-effective training capability

We bring together a rare combination of skills, products, assets and facilities to provide customers with realistic live and synthetic environments in which to train, develop tactics and incorporate new technologies and approaches relevant to both individual and collective training. From designing distributed training architectures and integrating human factors into training solutions to delivering realistic threat representation and operating complex ranges, we bring unparalleled understanding and expertise to the generation, assurance and delivery of critical training capability.

Providing flexible, cost-effective training delivery

We're a leading provider for specialist individual training, multi-domain collective training and complex exercises. We combine leading operational experts, deep technical know-how, advanced ranges and facilities, and innovative learning approaches to train and prepare individuals and teams in mission-critical roles and formations. We ensure tactical and operational coherence across the Training Enterprise, manage training delivery cost-effectively, and use an evidence-based approach to evaluating the effectiveness of training.