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The Snyper Mk II Unmanned Helicopter Vehicle – Target (UHV-T) is a proven Micro-UAV threat replication system. It is intended for training of Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), Force Protection (FP) of vital physical and/or human assets and can be operated in a variety of frequencies to test the electronic attack capability of modern warfare systems.

The Snyper Mk II UHV-T is specifically designed to emulate the emerging Micro-UAV threat. It can be employed for tactical development of FP concepts, for test and evaluation of weapons and/or sensors, electronic warfare and live-fire training. The Snyper Mk II is rapidly deployable and can be flown on the QTS proprietary ground station or commercial-off-the-shelf ground stations for maximum flexibility.

The Snyper Mk II UHV-T is currently offered for a variety of roles including the following:

  • Tactical role - The Snyper tactical variant is equipped with a High Definition EO camera and is ideal for surveillance and ‘over watch’ capability.
  • Swarm role - The Snyper is configurable to a ‘swarm’ variant and can be operated with up to 40 vehicles. During swarm operations, one the Snyper’s is programmed to be the leader and the rest in a ‘follows’ position.
  • Target role - The Snyper target variant is equipped with QTS common payloads typically used in a target training scenario, for example, IR, passive and active augmentation, etc. The target variant is also equipped with an IP camera for forward looking situational awareness.

Key Features

Micro-UAV threat replication for military and law enforcement live-fire training

Available in four, six or eight rotors

Line-of-Sight and Beyond Line-of-Sight control capable

Proven capability to operate in high winds

Can be fitted with weapon performance measurement equipment (scoring, active or passive augmentation)

Configured for Tactical, Swarm or Target roles