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Power Sources, Energy Storage & Distribution

As leaders in the research, development and production of electrochemical and related power technologies such as batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and storage and generation of hydrogen, our expertise ranges from fundamental R&D on battery materials through to battery pack design.

We develop these devices to meet specific application requirements, e.g. high energy for space or portable use, high power for motorsport, smart batteries for electric vehicles, and we have a pilot production facility for manufacture of Li-ion cells.

We offer a comprehensive test and evaluation service that includes qualification of batteries to various military and international standards, forensic investigation of battery incidents (e.g. for the CAA), and in-service support of batteries to MOD.

Our domain knowledge is applied to a wide variety of market sectors, from defence to vehicles and wearable technologies. We have a supply contract to provide fully-qualified batteries to MOD; and over the past 10 years have supplied 100 million items.

Additionally, we have developed a new shock resistant battery for the European Space Agency that can withstand an impact of 50,000G, and have recently completed trials of new Li-ion battery packs to replace the ageing silver-zinc batteries in underwater target platforms.

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