The Deployable Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industrial innovation is driving a new range of intelligent tools and services into the open market to be accessed by anyone with sufficient resources.

Defence, security and critical infrastructure organisations now face a stark challenge – how to rapidly convert emerging commercial technology into assured deployable capability with the power to deliver real advantage in mission-critical environments.
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1440x1570 4iR-FINANCE

Deployable 4iR

The effective deployment of 4iR technology as an assured capability in mission critical environments is becoming a vital priority for global security. Achieving this requires a significant change of approach.

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Power of the user

Why taking users on the deployment journey is essential for the effective use of 4iR technology in mission-critical environments.

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4iR office

Leadership and management in a 4iR world

The impact of emerging technology on workplaces is so significant it's forcing a global shift in the way leaders and managers get the most from their people.

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Testing the untestable

How do you assess the characteristics of something that changes every time you test it?

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The unexpected consequences of BYOD

As The Fourth Industrial Revolution exponentially expands the number of devices we use, how should mission critical organisations get in front the problems BYOD could present?

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4IR Construction

The bigger picture

Exploring the considerable spread of variables that can impact 4iR deployment decisions.

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A fine balance

Why we struggle to regulate the deployment of autonomous systems.

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Maritime 4iR

4iR moves into maritime

If maritime organisations are going to harness the value of emerging technology they need to keep people in mind from the outset.

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Securing the spectrum

Why information management alone won’t keep a 4iR world safe.

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