Investor Overview

QinetiQ is a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets. We work in partnership with our customers to solve real-world problems through innovative solutions, delivering operational and competitive advantage.

Our unique expertise allows us to...

QinetiQ is a company of scientists and engineers essential to sovereign capability. Customers choose us to protect, improve and advance their vital interests because of our:

People and domain know-how


Scientists, engineers and technicians.


of our people in the UK, and 75% in the US have national security clearance.

Technical expertise


granted patents.


patents pending.

Distinctive facilities

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our low speed wind tunnel is one of just three in the world.


Our ocean basin at Gosport, Hampshire is the largest in Europe - it's the size of 16 Olympic swimming pools.

operate a sustainable business model...

Our unique position in the market
Our customers are predominantly government organisations in our home markets of the UK, US and Australia, with a growing international and commercial presence.

Revenue by customer Revenue by customer - legend


Sustaining our business model
Our business model is robust and sustainable because our knowledge base is constantly refreshed as we learn from experience, understand emerging customer needs and invest in our future. This enables us to both sustain existing capabilities and create new ones to ensure we respond to customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

that creates value for our customers.

How we create value for our customers
We work across the equipment lifecycle from initial concept through to final disposal.

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