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Outlook - FY19 
We enter FY19 with confidence, having delivered a second successive year of organic revenue growth. 

In the UK, the impact of changes to single source pricing regulations to QinetiQ is expected to intensify this year with the anticipated repricing of the remainder of the LTPA which was not part of the December 2016 amendment. 

The Group’s Global Products division has shorter order cycles than EMEA Services and its performance is dependent on the timing of shipments of key orders. As a result of its strong FY18 orders performance and pipeline of opportunities, we expect the division to make continued progress in FY19 with further organic growth partially offset by a translational impact from foreign exchange at current rates. 

FY19 cash flow will reflect continued investment including capital expenditure of £80m - £100m, the majority of which will be invested into the LTPA and returned over the contract life, as well as an anticipated working capital outflow of £15m - £25m.

Overall we are maintaining expectations for Group performance in FY19, excluding non-recurring trading items, with an approximate £6m profit headwind on UK single-sourced revenue. We anticipate continued modest organic revenue growth in FY19, with the associated profit improvement largely offset by the impact of foreign exchange at current rates.

Outlook - Longer term

Our performance in FY18 demonstrates that we can create opportunities for growth, provided we are customer focused, innovative and competitive. In the UK, our customers have the challenge of overcoming new threats within the constraints of tight budgets. We are well placed to help support our customers develop their capabilities while also delivering efficiencies. Through our international businesses, we are operating in attractive and growing markets that provide long-term growth opportunities.

Based on changes to the profit rate for single source contracts and our contract mix, we expect a reduction in the headwind to our EMEA Services division’s profitability in FY20 and onwards, enabling growing revenue to deliver increased profitability

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