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We use our 20 years of experience in the Space industry to design and manufacture Avionics for spacecraft and launcher re-entry vehicles.

QinetiQ Space applies knowledge and heritage gained over existing missions to solve design challenges in controlling spacecraft and payloads, increasing performance, saving space, reducing weight and managing power efficiently.

Our offering in space Avionics is based on the highly versatile Advanced Data and Power Management System – ADPMS Platform.

Long Heritage – Exceptional Reliability

ADPMS, a state-of-the-art avionics platform for Small & Medium satellites (PROBA series, IXV).

Design Agility – High Performance

ADPMS has been created as an easily adaptable and configurable mix of units and its plug-and-play architecture gives the high-bandwidth, simplicity and reliability required.

ADPMS’s modularity is based on qualified building blocks /subsystems that include:

  • OBC L3. A highly powerful space computer offering the onboard processing power, system management and basic interfacing functionalities
  • PCDU 100. A complete Power Conditioning (solar, battery, busses) and Distribution unit
  • RTU. A comprehensive set of interface modules to control and monitor onboard devices/units – standard, AOCS control and special I/Os are available.
  • PDHU & MM. Payload Data Handling Unit intended for on-board data acquisition, storage and playback capability. It fits to EO, Space Science missions and spacecraft Payloads control.

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