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Spaceflight Training

We offer training to enhance the experience and help customers prepare for commercial suborbital spaceflight.

We operate a state-of-the-art dynamic flight simulator and human centrifuge in Linköping, Sweden, where fast jet pilots from around the world come to train to withstand high G-forces.We offer an extensive training program in preparation for future commercial spaceflights. This includes G-familiarisation and spaceflight simulation in our dynamic flight simulator, as well as controlled exposure to simulated high altitude in our hypobaric chamber. Our spaceflight training programme includes the following:

  • Acceleration Physiology & Anti-G Straining Manoeuvre
  • G-Tolerance Flights
  • High Altitude Physiology
  • Normobaric Hypoxia demonstration and training
  • Suborbital Space Flight Simulation

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