TOTEM™ - Simple to Understand, Easy to Access


TOTEM™ Deployments are modular and delivered via a series of steps.


TOTEM™ Site Survey; our experts will:

 – Assess the risk to the site from EM disruption

 – Provide a visualisation of the risk

 – Define the volume and location of TOTEM RDUs required


TOTEM™ RDU installation

 – Provide guidance and support of the physical implementation

 – Carry out commissioning of TOTEM RDUs


TOTEM™ Alert Service

 – Provision of 24x7x365 reporting and alert services

 – Reachback to our experts


TOTEM™ is offered as a managed service with packages to suit both capex and opex driven requirements.


If you would like to know more about TOTEM™  and how it can be applied to your organisation then please contact us at