TOTEM™ is the first Electromagnetic disruption detection and alerting service.


Designed specifically to provide detection of EM disruption as part of a resilience strategy. TOTEM™ enables a prompt attribution / non-attribution to an otherwise undetectable event, providing the missing element of root cause that businesses and critical infrastructure operators currently have.


Importantly TOTEM™ is the only solution globally that delivers real-time EM disruption detection, attribution and alert monitoring services 24x7x365.


Key TOTEM™  features:

TOTEM™ is designed as an extension to existing security infrastructure. Its complementary approach to existing cyber and physical security solutions ensures that the threats posed by EM disruption are approached as part of proactive and holistic resilience strategy.

– EMI protected Remote Detection Unit (RDU) which delivers continuous environmental monitoring

– Built in event logger storing time, date and ‘event’ threshold data in non-volatile, removable flash memory

– Peak and instantaneous average detection / discrimination (30 MHz to 6 GHz instantaneous detection), as well as GPS interference detection

– Automated real-time alert service  delivered 24x7x365 by QinetiQ’s IS027001, Government approved Cyber Security Operations Centre

– TOTEM™ Electronic Threat Centre (ETC) - enabling Proactive EM threat management and mitigation understanding

– Multiple fibre connections to enable localised integration in existing security or operations tools.

– EU Network Information Security Directive 2018 Compliant