QinetiQ’s suite of marine software solutions help designers, ship yards and operators create aesthetically pleasing vessels that are safe and efficient to design, build and operate. Helping you fashion effective stable hull forms, assess sea keeping attributes, optimise powering, study manoeuvring, test survivability and manage on-board loading.

Trusted partner to the maritime industry

QinetiQ’s software is trusted by Naval Architects, Engineers and Officers in over 200 organisations around the world to help them optimise the design and operation of everything from aircraft carriers and submarines to commercial ships and mega-yachts.

We have a rich maritime heritage with its roots in Froude’s model testing facilities at our Haslar Maritime Technology Park -  which supports a wide range of design, modelling and physical test facilities and laboratories.

Co-located on a 12 hectare secure site, our software team work closely with our model experimenters, engineers and scientists supporting in-service fleets – offering a unique capability, confidentiality and the latest in design expertise.


Paramarine® is an integrated Naval Architecture design and analysis toolset. It enables seamless collaboration between global teams and maximises the efficiency of your designer's  creativity.




SURVIVE® is a comprehensive modelling and assessment toolset that helps Naval Architects ensure warships, commercial shipping and mega-yachts are designed to survive in an increasingly complex world. 



SeaWeigh™ is Paramarine's intuitive on-board loading & stability module. Used for planning and enhanced vessel loading, it additionally provides assurance of safe operation in port and at sea, and enables ship to shore stability reporting for management operations.

About QinetiQ

QinetiQ is dedicated to defending sovereign capability, protecting lives and securing the vital interests of our customers. We have 6,000+ people with unique science and engineering expertise. Operating across 50+ sites in Europe, North America, Australia and the Asia Pacific region, QinetiQ works with government, industry and academia to innovate for our customers’ advantage.