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Transformation consultancy

Australian DOD Force Structure Review

The Australian Department of Defence (DOD) requested detailed support to understand the complex costs associated with the implementation of its Defence White Paper and related Force Structure Review. We were tasked with providing independent and verifiable advice on the whole-of-life costs for the DOD’s major defence capabilities, sustainment budgets and selected areas of the broader defence enterprise. Our consultants developed cost models that enabled policy-makers to balance the relative merits of different mixes of capability within the resource envelope provided by the current and projected defence budget.

Naval Transformation

A Navy requested support to understand how it could be more effective in undertaking its defence and security tasks against an evolving threat environment and achieve a step-change in future capability through significant investment in new ships. Our consultants developed a recommended naval force structure, identified a number of capability gaps and potential cost savings measures. We developed an outline transformation programme addressing all elements of capability (e.g. equipment, logistics, organisation, people and training) that enabled it to more effectively deliver maritime defence, security and power projection. The work also led to a review of the planned equipment and infrastructure investment programme, which identified how savings of $30 million (USD) could be made immediately.

Coastguard Procurement Transformation

A coastguard organisation requested advice on how to transform the management of its procurement programme, since its organisational structure was not optimised for the roles it needed to undertake. Our consultants were tasked with developing a more appropriate organisational structure and allocating roles across the coastguard, to significantly improve procurement management outcomes. We benchmarked the existing structure against counterpart international organisations and reviewed applicable national policy requirements. Using this analysis, we recommended a new organisational structure with outline roles and responsibilities that would deliver the necessary transformation.

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