The Wales UAS Environment

The Wales Unmanned Aircraft Systems Environment (WUASE) supports sustained, safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) enabling all types of research, development, test and evaluation.

Based in Wales, with other UK site locations available, the WUASE is at the forefront of UK UAS operations and procedural development and offers a complete infrastructure for UAS operations; from first flight through to testing, training and operational programmes.

Small UAS doing a parachute landing

Wales UAS Environment Airspace

The WUASE provides access to a controlled, segregated airspace that offers unique access to an all-round representation of geographical features.

These features include:

  • Overwater
  • Overland
  • Coastal/Littoral terrain
The WUASE provides full air traffic and trials management services, allowing for the conduct of complex trials and ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLOS) operations. The operational airspace designated as EGD201, EGD201A/B/C/D/E, EGD202, EGD202A/B/C is available in discrete 'blocks' activated by NOTAM, affording maximum flexibility to airspace users. In total, this provides an operational area of approximately 8,600km2 from surface to unlimited height, which can be supplemented by additional Temporary Danger Area arrangements to meet your needs.
Air traffic control at Llanbedr

Wales UAS Environment Operations

Through the WUASE we provide a Safe Operational Environment and access to trials instrumentation and ground facilities. Our extensive range of secure ground test capabilities includes environmental, electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), communications and data link testing facilities.

To support flight operations or validate system performance, equipment such as tracking radars or electro-optical tracking instruments can also be integrated.

Operating base and launching options:

  • Various locations and options for zero-point launch systems are available, depending on operational requirements
  • Dedicated 375m2 UAS hangar with multiple operating rooms, plus two additional large hangars at 1500m2 each
  • Local Flight Information Service integrated into a broader Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Management system
  • Airfield Operations Centre with modern conference and office facilities
  • All key facilities hosted inside a secure compound with 24/7 CCTV
  • Access to multiple tarmac and grass runways; the longest is 2,286m
  • AVGAS and AVTUR refuelling capabilities
  • Dedicated airfield fibre optic network

Watchkeeper UAS flying

Technical Support

We have the ability to overlay the live range with a synthetic environment, enabling the combination of virtual and constructive elements into live trials. This enriches scenarios and allows for experimentation with complex system-of-systems set-ups.

This approach can be cost-efficient, reduce risk and is enabled by our world-class technical support.

This technical support can offer many advantages, including:  

  • Comprehensive technical advice, safety analysis and safety case production services, together with environmental and communications testing facilities
  • Assistance in the production of compliant expositions to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for permissions and Air Navigation Order exemptions to enable UAS operations
  • Access to a variety of air platforms and payloads to provide demonstration, test and development flying opportunities
  • Through the renowned QinetiQ Flying Organisation, we can supervise or conduct flying in accordance with civil or military regulations
  • We can provide pilots, maintenance staff, flight trials methodology advice, as well as demonstration, planning and conduct services