Command and Control

We are a world leader in improving command and control processes and developing integrated and interoperable systems to support customers' decision making.

Our focus is on maximising operational and business effectiveness using the right processes and tools. We develop highly innovative concepts from first principles through to viable, bespoke solutions. 

In the military arena, we have an impressive track record of contributing to major procurement programmes, particularly in aerospace, where we enable customers to acquire, integrate and operate the most modern and complex air defence and offensive capabilities, including:

  • Typhoon and F-35 mission cycle support and mission data generation
  • Ballistic missile defence consultancy for the UK MOD and NATO
  • Ground based air defence missile support for MOD and international customers
  • Seaborne missile defence support for MOD
  • Combat identification and system assessment
  • Tactical data links platform implementation
  • Tactical data links management and monitoring services
  • Air planning and tasking toolsAdvanced transformational C2 for international customers
  • Synthetic environments (SE) development for SE based acquisition and training
  • Air Traffic Management

For commercial and military customers, we offer bespoke command and control solutions. These include high grade and secure global asset tracking solutions for use by deployed forces, logistics management and security forces.


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