Stand-off Threat Detection

SPO-NX is a stand-off detection system which locates potential threats concealed under clothing on a person.

It can be used to scan people in a crowd and alarms when a person is concealing something potentially suspicious under their clothing. Security personnel can then manage that person, resolve the alarm and further investigate as appropriate. 

SPO-NX can detect a range of large threats such as improvised explosive devices, large assault weapons and contraband.

  • Safe: SPO-NX uses advanced passive millimetre wave (PMMW) technology which means that it emits no radiation and is therefore completely safe.
  • Privacy guaranteed: The system does not produce a detailed spatial image. No PMMW image of the person being scanned is created and therefore privacy is protected of everyone being scanned.
  • Improved management of risk in a layered security approach: SPO-NX scans crowds of people at a distance. This moves the security perimeter further back by making the detection of a threat possible at an earlier point, particularly where there is a high throughput of people flowing into a contained space. By scanning the crowd before they converge, risk is managed without the need to funnel or slow down the footfall further.
  • Mobile deployment: SPO-NX is a portable system that can set-up by one person in less than 5 minutes. This makes SPO-NX a cost-effective asset that can be re-deployed at a new venue or location as required. Alternatively it can be fixed permanently on a wall or ceiling mount.
  • Fast, automatic calibration and integration: SPO-NX is a realtime system, self calibrates and can be operated locally at the sensor head or remotely, for example from a CCTV control.

SPO-NX red alarm