Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Organisations face a growing threat from the new class of specialised attacks used in organised crime, terrorism and espionage to compromise or disable capability, steal IP or exfiltrate high-value data.

Targeted, highly destructive and hard to identify, advanced persistent threats (APTs) gain entry to organisations in a number of ways – in an infected e-mail attachment, on a USB stick or through the insertion of a malicious device, for instance. Information and assets can then be subtly corrupted or stolen. 

QinetiQ helps customers protect themselves against APTs by putting in place intelligent and active defences that augment protective monitoring and the basic antivirus tools, firewalls and encryption active on their network.

In addition, our APT detection and response approach can uncover the hardest-to-find evidence of the stealthiest attacks by:

  • Monitoring networks continuously to identify the tell-tale signs of an APT breach
  • Collecting, correlating and analysing information from networks and databases – using a big data engine to scan large volume and unstructured data sources
  • Applying analytics to examine patterns of behaviour and distinguish the subtle, covert patterns that characterise an APT attack
  • Alerting the customer so that immediate action can be taken


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