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Advisory Services

We act as an independent partner for customers looking to procure services and develop capabilities.

Advisory Services

Platform Protection

The highest priority for any mission is ensuring the occupants of a platform remain alive and healthy, and are able to successfully deliver military effects and complete their mission.

Understanding the interaction between threats within the threat spectrum and individual protection technologies is a key factor in designing platform protection that will maximise survivability.

QinetiQ provides a full range of research, advice, design, and assessment services that support physical protective measures for civil and military platforms. These cover the development of platform protection solutions for platforms operating in all three environments: land, sea and air.

Our understanding of user requirements, platform constraints and the threat environment, enable us to provide optimised, integrated solutions that allow users to perform difficult tasks in dangerous environments with confidence.

Networked Cueing System

Networked Cueing System – Vehicle

POINTER™ is a proprietary system from QinetiQ that provides the link between distributed ISTAR assets, commanders and those who deliver weapon effects.

Taking live feeds from any sensor that can provide a point of interest (POI) or track, POINTER plots these on a battlefield management application in the command centre or vehicle. It then either automatically or with command input transmits this information directly to the POINTER viewer on or near the crew-served weapon of those soldiers who will respond.

Our POINTER Vehicle variant is specifically designed to be mounted on a vehicle platform, constantly keeping the gunner on target. The system’s capability includes:

  • protection of fire support teams in both mobile and static/stand-off roles
  • mission planning and pre-selection of potential targets before leaving the barracks
  • anti-ambush protection and infantry fire support

POINTER gives commanders and gunners vital information without distraction, and clarity under pressure. Simple, intuitive and agile to use, the training burden for operators is minimal.

A POINTER system comprises a base-station, a number of weapon-mounted POINTER units, one navigation unit per vehicle and a network. An integrated laser range finder enables the operator to self-designate targets or points of interest.


RPG Protection

Q-Net® is an adaptable solution capable of providing protection against rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) on a wide range of tactical and lightly armored vehicles. The system is highly effective, lightweight and easily adaptable to a variety of platforms without requiring any vehicle modifications.

Using a net design, the Q-Net system safeguards the vehicle and soldiers inside from RPG rounds. It protects vehicles from all elevation attack angles (360 degrees), including overhead, as well as providing a multi-hit capability. Q-Net delivers performance levels equivalent to or higher than those provided by bar cage armour solutions, as well as a lower vehicle signature.

At 50-60 per cent lighter than metallic armour systems, Q-Net provides RPG protection for vehicles that cannot support the excessive weight of other technologies.



Combat Identification

QinetiQ helps customers choose and deliver effective, value-for-money Combat ID capability that enables the rapid and accurate identification of platforms and equipment.

We provide independent advice on selecting, procuring, applying and integrating the right technologies and equipment into a Combat ID solution, and ensuring a coherent and timely introduction of the capability into service. As well as marking friendly assets with distinctive identifying materials and beacons, our intuitive solutions incorporate ‘enablers’ such as training and safety and environmental management.

An effective Combat ID capability supports tactical engagements in complex operational environments, by:

  • enabling military personnel to distinguish between friendly, neutral and enemy assets – improving situational understanding and firing efficiency, and minimising the risk of friendly fire.
  • enhancing interoperability with coalition and allied partners in joint engagements – our solutions are compliant with NATO standard STANAG 2129 to promote identification across friendly forces.

QinetiQ assesses the customer’s entire Combat ID capability requirement end-to-end – including platform constraints, short-term demands, potential future threats and whole-life costs – to deliver highly functional, robust solutions that can adapt to changes in political, social, environmental and technical circumstances.


Phone line


LineWatch is a distribution grid sensing and monitoring device which provides utilities with the situational awareness they need to address a number of smart grid applications.

These include:

  • substation monitoring
  • grid automation
  • asset mgt
  • fault detection
  • non-technical losses
  • capacitor bank monitoring
  • volt/VAR optimisation/conservation voltage reduction

LineWatch devices are easily and quickly installed using a hotstick and can deliver data over any communication platform to existing SCADA and other databases or to its headend data collection engine.

For more information, visit the LineWatch website