Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 – Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Maritime Systems driving the advancement of the maritime industry

In 2015, the Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 (GMTT2030) report highlighted the potential impact of technology on the future of the maritime industry.

The GMTT2030 team from QinetiQ, Lloyd’s Register and the University of Southampton have re-formed to write a follow-up insight report on autonomous technologies that are poised to reshape the maritime sector. We offer our perspectives on the future of autonomy, its impact and timescales to enable you to understand:

  • How autonomy will shape the future maritime industry and how best to exploit it
  • The challenges surrounding the implementation and use of autonomous systems
  • The key emerging technologies driving development
  • Regulation and legal aspects of autonomous maritime systems
  • How autonomy is likely to transform the maritime workplace and the skills required

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