SeaWeigh™ is Paramarine's intuitive on-board loading & stability module. Used for planning and enhanced vessel loading, it additionally provides assurance of safe operation in port and at sea, and enables ship to shore stability reporting for management operations.

Effective Solution


Having extensive user control, whilst being fast, and primarily developed to be user friendly, Paramarine's onboard solution enables the Deck Officers to generate vital loading calculations, strength assessments and compliance checks in an efficient yet cost effective manner.


Primarily developed for complex ships as part of the Paramarine® Naval Architecture toolset, SeaWeigh™ provides a stable, robust and user friendly on-board solution to perform loading, strength and a host of other compliance checks. SeaWeigh™ is suitable for a range of vessels including Tankers, Warships, Cargo Ships, Yachts and Passenger Ships.


Type Approved


Benefiting from Lloyds' Register approval and certification process, SeaWeigh™ is approved for Type 1 and Type 3 loading, the latter being capable of intact and damage stability assessment for predefined damage cases based on Conventions or Codes, and for each loading condition. Additionally, further benefits include its Type 4 capability due to its ability to easily perform calculations for real loading conditions and actual flooding cases.




The software's capability is well proven through its use on MoD Warships, and is in constant use for loading and damage analysis. Features include Bridge Visibility compliance, Emergency Response Service capability, I/O linking to tank sounding system and other IMS feeds, with many other features as expected from a tried and tested product. QinetiQ's team of highly experienced software engineers and naval architects import your Paramarine® model, or vessel data, into SeaWeigh™ for uploading to an onboard computer.


Features and Benefits

 Full 3D-model based calculations

 Dual mode – planning and live

 Class rule longitudinal strength

 Warns users of non-compliance

 User defined damages

 Docking planner

Warships & Submarines

Undertaking complex loading operations in dock and at sea are further complicated by the cargo often carried by warships and support vessels. SeaWeigh allows officers to plan and execute cargo movements safely and at pace. SeaWeigh is the UK Warship preferred loading, strength and damage assessment toolset and is used throughout the Navy’s fleet of warships. It’s rich, intuitive and ergonomic GUI enables the Ships Company to rapidly input, calculate and assess damage scenarios for both combat training and complex in-theatre damage control and limitation measures.

Megayachts & Leisure

As yachts grow in size so does the need to ensure that they are stable and seaworthy. Seaweigh helps crews load/unload effectively with minimal interruption to passengers and crew. Many of today’s yachts are destined to accommodate 36 passengers as permitted under The Red Ensign Group’s Passenger Yacht Code. The need to determine the ship’s trim and stability by calculation can be expedited and simplified by adopting SeaWeigh. Safety of longer vessels is further enhanced through longitudinal strength assessment tools.

Commercial & Offshore

Seaweigh offers a value for money solution that is easy to use and reduces key officer workloads. Loading and offloading cargo quickly and safely is critical to cost effective operations. SeaWeigh offers Commercial Businesses a proven, type approved and value for money solution to enhance their profitability through reductions in workload and running costs. Emanating from Paramarine, Ship Managers and Shore Support Teams can benefit from Emergency Response Service capability.