The global survivability assessment solution 

SURVIVE® is a comprehensive modelling and assessment toolset that helps Naval Architects ensure warships, commercial shipping and mega-yachts are designed to survive in an increasingly complex world. 

Fine tune your survivability

SURVIVE® offers the ability to rapidly simulate and quantify the likely effects of damage to a maritime vessel caused by a wide range of attacks. This allows designers to compare various damage mitigation methods cost effectively and identify the right survivability strategy. By comparing the vulnerability of a vessel against the lethality of a variety of threats, SURVIVE® can support critical design decisions and in-service alterations to a vessel for the environment it is intended to operate in.


SURVIVE® offers several generic hull types and the support to import your own. Included hull forms include Frigate/Destroyer, Carrier, Auxiliary, Minesweeper and Trimaran. SURVIVE® has an intuitive staged model building process, giving the user the ability to easily create concept designs by choosing and scaling a hull type, adding compartmentation, customising bulkhead attributes and defining top-level vessel capabilities using systems and equipment.

Functionality and development

Continuous improvement is made to SURVIVE® as part of a regular release schedule - adding capability and improving the flexibility and usability of the tool. A week long training course is available for an introduction to survivability and to learn how SURVIVE® can be employed to support more survivable ship designs. QinetiQ also provides a service to supply custom hull shapes for use with SURVIVE® based on the user’s requirements.

Features and Benefits

Ability to analyse missiles, bombs, mines, torpedoes and drone attack

Damage modelled from blast, fragmentation, underwater shock, flooding and fire

Extensively verified and validated damage assessment algorithms

Weapon Editor add-on allows customisation of threat weapon characteristics

Flexible, rapid analysis engine allowing efficient analysis of multiple scenarios


Warships & Submarines

Protecting the sovereign interests of their nations, warships are a vital part of a countries force projection and often key targets during times of conflict. Understanding a ship's susceptibility and vulnerability ensures a maximum operational capability and de-risks against attack.

Megayachts & Leisure

Providing passengers with the ultimate in luxury, megayachts are home away from home for many of the world’s wealthiest people. SURVIVE® helps ensure that these vessels are robust enough to withstand attack and protect the lives of those on-board.

Commercial & Offshore

As tensions across the world increase the risk to commercial shipping and cruise ships is rising, both from piracy and state sponsored activities. SURVIVE® is able to model the potential impacts of numerous threats and inform your approach to survivability should you be targeted.