Maritime Design & Optimisation

The world’s only integrated naval architecture design and analysis software, Paramarine has been used by leading shipbuilders and ship and submarine designers to model thousands of concept vessels and analyse their stability.

Backed by training and design support services delivered by expert QinetiQ naval architects and software developers, it’s an exceptional tool for the design, development and certification of specialist vessels.

Paramarine de-risks early stage design, by making it possible to ‘play’ with variables and get results back instantaneously. Its ease of use and fast manipulation and calculation of data improves the quality and speed of the design process.

Naval ship computer design

Paramarine Design Technology

Paramarine is a fully integrated Naval Architecture tool, where all design and analysis work takes place within one common graphical user interface, eliminating the need for data exports to other packages.

For more information, visit the Paramarine website

Model boat

Ship Performance & Optimisation

We assess and support the development of ship designs from concept through to end of life, giving clients an evidence-based understanding of safety, performance, cost and risk, along with authoritative and independent advice on how to balance all four factors.

Through carrying out research, testing and trials of physical and numerical ship models we evaluate the performance and safety aspects of ships – including hull resistance, propulsion, manoeuvring, sea keeping and stability.

As well as the extensive experimental and numerical facilities at our UK-based ship performance and optimisation centre we have the ability to undertake instrumented sea trials.


Structural Analysis & Technical Services

The guidance we provide on the structural design of ships and submarines ensures they’re built to the highest standards of durability, while our evaluation of in-service naval structures helps keep them operational.

QinetiQ’s deep understanding of naval vessels and the use and behaviour of materials in the marine environment underpins our advice on design and through-life issues, assessment of structural integrity and risk, and guidance on repair.

Our team includes some of the world’s most highly regarded marine structural engineering experts. Their knowledge ranges from leading edge finite element (FE) modelling, to fatigue and fracture analysis and prediction and non-destructive evaluation (NDE).



Submarine Propulsion Design

We assess and support the development of submarine designs, designs for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and propulsor designs from concept through to end of life, providing an understanding of safety, performance, cost and risk.

Through carrying out research, testing and trials of physical and numerical models at our extensive UK-based facilities we evaluate designs to assess and optimise their hydrodynamic and hydro-acoustic performance.

As well as supporting submarine and propulsor concept development, submarine safety and operational guidance we provide rapid response services for investigating submarine incidents and recovery.


Model boat

Maritime Strategic Capability Agreement

The purpose of the Maritime Strategic Capability Agreement (MSCA) is to provide sovereign capability, subject matter experts and facilities for the UK MOD to support the current and future submarine fleet.

The MSCA exists to provide an enduring Hydromechanics, Propulsion, SMERAS, Submarine Atmospheres, Diving, Survivability, Structures, NDE, Noise and Vibration and Stealth Acoustic Materials capability.

Through the MSCA, QinetiQ provides the MOD with expertise and access to unique facilities at preferential rates, delivering real cost savings, all under a quick and efficient tasking mechanism.