Platform Readiness

To optimise the performance of all systems before a ship or submarine enters service, we plan and execute novel and complex multi-asset trials that evaluate their readiness for operations.

By testing a number of systems simultaneously and managing schedules effectively we maximise value and minimise disruption, while identifying and rectifying faults early gets platforms into service more quickly.

We’ve provided platform readiness services for most of the UK Royal Navy’s warships, and all current UK submarines. We also analyse and advise on threat assessment, test weapons and sensors underwater, and provide guidance on trials safety.

Maritime Test Facilities

From testing the manoeuvrability of submarines in Europe’s largest Ocean Basin (122m x 61m x 5.5m) to evaluating the hydrodynamic performance of the UK’s new Type 26 Global Combat ship in our towing tank, clients from around the world benefit from the expertise of our people and state of the art facilities.

Our extensive range of experimental facilities are available to test and evaluate maritime platforms and systems in controlled conditions.

We have on-site model manufacturing capability and extensive instrumentation to respond rapidly and flexibly to our customers’ needs.

Our facilities include:

  • Diving and Hyperbaric Test Centre
  • Hyperbaric Trials Unit
  • Ocean Basin and Rotating Arm
  • Towing Tank
  • Shock Testing Facilities
Naval ship

Enabling Naval Force Capability

Delivered by engineers and scientists with unmatched specialist expertise, our maritime capabilities support the world’s fleets.

We de-risk the integration of new technologies and systems into existing platforms, and help navies and naval constructors specify and select the best engineering solutions for new vessels.

We also minimise the vulnerability of in-service platforms.

Testing and evaluation is carried out at sea ranges, hydrodynamic testing tanks and shock testing facilities.

Our services span:

  • Design and integration of combat systems, sensors and communication network solutions
  • Testing of platforms, equipment and systems
  • SMERAS – protecting people in extreme environments
  • Signature measurement and management
  • Design and analysis of naval architecture

Sea Range Design, Integration & Deployment

To help navies ensure that platform signatures are fit for purpose and their maritime capability is ready and available for operational deployment, QinetiQ supports the efficient and effective design, procurement and long term management of sea ranges.

Through supporting, developing and managing UK MOD’s ranges, we have gained a deep understanding of the breadth of operational requirements and challenges involved in replacing or upgrading a range, and establishing and managing a range system.

Our specialist teams provide operational analysis, determine training, test and evaluation needs, develop requirements and concepts, and handle procurement, integration and deployment.