Robot Controllers

With the number of unmanned systems being used in the battlefield or in first responder missions on the increase, operators need simple intuitive controllers that reduce the cognitive and logistics burden.

QinetiQ has developed a range of controllers for its robots – from laptop systems through to our innovative Tactical Robotic Controller (TRC), which is capable of controlling a huge variety of UAVs, UGVs and UGS.


Robot Controllers

Laptop Control Unit

We offer multiple types of controller for our unmanned systems, including the Laptop Control Unit (LCU). The LCU delivers an exceptional controller for fixed site use or operation in a moving vehicle.

A touchscreen display enables the operator to manually select features and commands on the LCU’s screen from the robotic control graphical user interface (GUI). QinetiQ’s LCU features:

  • internal radios that communicate with the robot
  • hard triggers for commanding remote tools, such as disruptors for bomb disposal
  • additional accessories – including modules for two-way communications and fibre optic tether connectivity


Tactical Robotic Controller

The Tactical Robotic Controller (TRC) is a wearable lightweight, rugged, modular system capable of command and control of a huge variety of unmanned systems, including:

  • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs)
  • unattended ground sensors (UGS)

A hardware solution specifically designed for tactical and dismounted operations, it uses a state-of-the-art computer that is able to run any operating system. The TRC is a force multiplier that can be quickly transformed from a body-worn system to a vehicle-mounted system.

TRC provides organisations that have multiple types of unmanned assets a single controller that can be used across their numerous systems. TRC saves the organisation maintenance funds and training time, while greatly easing operator skill retention.

For more information, visit the QinetiQ North America website.