Remuneration Policy and the 2017 QinetiQ Incentive Plan

While we received the support of the majority of our shareholders for the Remuneration Plan and the 2017 QinetiQ Incentive Plan at our 2017 AGM, we indicated then that we had more work to do to explain the link between the Remuneration Policy, the 2017 Incentive Plan and our five-year strategy.

We remain proactive in our relations with our shareholders as we roll-out the Remuneration Policy and our on-going programme of shareholder engagement includes the following:

  • As part of our broader investor relations strategy, we will be inviting the corporate governance leads from our shareholders to briefing meetings to discuss our Integrated Strategic Business Planning (ISBP) process, our people and remuneration strategy, our approach to investor relations and to corporate governance;
  • We will engage again with shareholders as the implementation decisions for 2017/18 are made in relation to the Remuneration Policy, as part of the continuing corporate governance engagement plan. For example, it is the Remuneration Committee’s intention to demonstrate clearly to shareholders the close link between reward outcomes, Company performance and strategy in the Directors’ Remuneration Report
  • Mark Elliott, our Chairman, recently had productive discussions with Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), a provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions;
  • We will enhance the design and layout of the Directors’ Remuneration Report to improve both transparency and clarity, and to demonstrate the link between pay outcomes and performance.