Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics Support is based on the principle that when the entire life-cycle costs of a capability are taken into consideration, the capability will have lower through-life costs, enhanced availability and greater operational effectiveness. Drawing on deep technical expertise and applying rigorous logistic analysis techniques, our expert team of logisticians develop and implement solutions that provide operational flexibility and sustainability at optimum cost.

Our services include:

Asset Management

Integrating acquisition, sustainment, engineering, operation and management functions into a coherent business management system to enable informed cross discipline decisions ensuring objectives are met with an appropriate balance between cost, risk, schedule and capability.

Cost Estimation

Our experienced team use PRICE TruePlanning®, our own Family of Advanced Cost Estimating Tools (FACET) or your commercially available system to accurately predict the cost of conceptual systems.

Life Cycle Cost Management

Analysing the through life impact of operational, engineering, maintenance or supply chain to support evidence based decisions by key stakeholders.

Logistics Support Analysis

Applying tailored analysis to develop or improve the support solution including Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis, Reliability Centred Maintenance, Level of Repair Analysis, Usage Studies, Supportability Analysis and generation of the Logistic Support Analysis Record.

Integrated Logistic Support Certification

Analysing support arrangements to ensure systems are safe, fit for service and environmentally compliant. 

Acquisition and Sustainment Support

Planning and transition management of contracts to ensure logistic support needs are met, technical publications are developed and maintained and technical data is captured, reviewed and remediated to enable better planning and resource allocation.

Reliability Engineering

Conducting reliability, availability and maintainability analysis to understand how and why a system is failing in order to provide options to improve the capability.

Supply Chain Management

Ensuring the supply chain supports the capability through sparing analysis and optimisation, inventory management and packaging, handling, storage and transportability analysis.

Inventory Optimisation and Disposal

From optimisation to strategic disposal our experienced team can provide best practice methods and tools to help manage your inventory. We deliver a scalable range of services from one-off critical analysis consulting and audits through to ongoing management of your inventory holdings to enhance your business performance.

Obsolescence Management

With the rate of technological change, obsolescence management ensures reduced risk and cost throughout the product life cycle. Our experienced team provide obsolescence advice and strategy as an integral part of all design, development, production and in-service support.